Welcome to SeanDaniel.com, a digital place where my creative photography side collides with my love of technology!

On the technical side, I started this blog as a place to share my custom configuration of my Small Business Server 2003 installation which used to run SeanDaniel.com along with it's e-mail. I worked at Microsoft for 14 years, 9 of which I worked with an awesome team to build Small Business Server 2003, 2003 SP1, 2008 and 2011. I left the server org to continue my time working in the Microsoft Commerce division, working on the Apps for Office App Portal, bringing Commerce to Azure and Office365 in China, and finally Commerce performance. I'm currently work for MetaLab where I am the Head of Operators for consulting, building all sorts of websites, services, and iOS apps directly for clients. Views and opinions on this site do not represent those of my employer.

I like to mess around with technology, learn new things, tie services together... I also like to share what I learn and write it down so I can remember it later. And what better way to remember things than blogging about them where they are searchable by Google? That's what's on my technical blog.

On the photography side, I treat my photography like a hobby (don't expect updates often!).  I shoot with a Canon SLR when time allows, and my iPhone when time doesn't. My biggest interest in photography is colour pop: as such I'm often drawn to high dynamic range (HDR) type photography. What's funny is I used to hate editing my pictures, because I felt if I should get it right in camera. However, I've discovered my brain see's slightly different than my camera, where the colours pop in my brain, and post processing helps match what I saw.

So that's it, browse around, search around, use the navigation links at the top, and drop me a comment or share what you like.

Out of respect, I share my content for free, and I like to consider all site content copyright. Feel free to link to, or post-back, but please give reference to the applicable post or picture. And Yes! I do sell my photos, and no they aren't expensive. As I don't sell a lot of images, and it isn't my primary income, send me the link to the photo you like, what you'd use it for, and offer me a price. Don't expect exclusive rights though! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to pass them along via e-mail.

Finally, I have lived in Seattle and Vancouver and am currently living in Victoria. As such, I have put together a guide of things to do: