Hi! Welcome to SeanDaniel.com, a digital place to link the technical information I share with those on the Internet, and my attempts at photography together.

On the technical side, I work in the tech industry on products like Windows Home Server, Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Pinpoint.  But that's not all this website covers, it's a storage place for things that I figure out.  I post what I learn on my technical blog so you don't have to spend as long learning as I might have.

On the photography side, I treat my photography like a hobby (don't expect updates often!).  I shoot with a Canon SLR when time allows.  My biggest interest in photography is colour pop: as such I'm often drawn to high dynamic range (HDR) type photography.

The site is designed to be interactive, so click on one of the navigation links at the top and jump right in. Leave posts, engage with other community members and I'll be in there as well!

The site content is all copyright. Feel free to link to, or post-back, but please give reference to the applicable post or picture. If you have any comments, feel free to pass them along via e-mail.

Finally, I have lived in Seattle and Vancouver and am currently living in Victoria. As such, I have put together a guide of things to do: